Reazione avversa da vaccino MMR

Questa è la storia pubblicata dai genitori su FB nel gruppo I BELIEVE MY CHILD WAS HARMED BY VACCINES!

“Ryan is 13 and has autism, PANDAS & severe OCD. Ry was colicky as a baby, had multiple upper respiratory and ear infections, and was loaded up with various antibiotics for months on end.Then came the MMR.At 13 months old I brought him in for a checkup. He had just finished a course of antibiotics for yet another ear infection and was also recovering from the chicken pox (wild virus). Ped checks his ears. Yup, ear infection is back. Writes out a scrip for Augmentin (nasty, nasty stuff). Gives him his first MMR, along with the mercury-laden Hib. Sends us home. He is fussy, but ok.

A couple of days later, it hits: Erythema multiforme, Vasculitis, 105 degree temps. (See picture of his vaccine reaction.) Ryan cannot eat, walk, talk, even hold up his head. He can only cry and moan. Docs are stumped, or so they say…not one person ever mentioned vax reaction to us. Ryan “recovers” from that episode but it’s too late; he slides into the autism abyss.

After doing biomedical interventions for over 10 years, Ryan has improved but still has a long, long way to go. He was recently dx’d with PANDAS and, honestly, the OCD is much more severe than the autism.

We just keep moving forward, one baby step at a time…”

Provo una immensa tristezza nel guardare questa immagine ma dovrebbe essere sbattuta in faccia a tutti coloro che esaltano le potenzialità dei vaccini.